School Pool

After many years of fundraising, our School and Community Pool was built in 2009. It consists of a large 20m x 8m pool and a small toddler pool. It is fully heated and covered and is proving to be an amazing asset to the school and community.

  • During the school holidays we do arrange for swimming days to happen, this is normally shared on our facebook page or sent out to parents via a text message.


The school library is in the central area of the school and is a delight to enter. It is open throughout the day and also before and after school. Parents are most welcome to visit the Library with their children to exchange books and enjoy the environment. We also make the library available during the summer holidays so that children have the opportunity to get books out over this long break.

Digital Facilities

Our junior/new entrant classroom has access to iPads. Each classroom has internet access, data projectors, digital still and moving cameras. Our two senior classrooms are fully digital with one to one devices.

Outside Learning Areas

We have excellent spaces for outside activities, including two large hard-court areas and an extensive field and orchard area which the children utilise for both sporting and play activities.

Travel to School

The majority of our children bus to school with five buses transporting our students. Three of the bus runs are run by the school, and are directly resourced from the Ministry of Education. The other two bus runs are run by Ritchies, the company that currently holds the tender for bus routes for the Ministry of Education. Safety vests for all children are provided and these are required to be worn to and from school.

School Dental Clinic

The school is visited once a year by the Dental caravan and can be contacted by emailing r.mcleod@hotmail.com.

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