Discovery Learning

Discovery Learning

We want the students of Awahono to be lifelong learners, that continue to wonder and explore the world around them and we believe that a Discovery Based Curriculum helps provide this.

When children begin school we believe the focus needs to be how they feel about themselves as a learner.  We want them to build positive experiences and a strong self confidence that they can learn.  This level focuses on social and emotional skills through the use of exploratory play, rather than the cognitive skills.

 “Create the thinker before you try and add the facts.”  Nathan Mikaere-Wallis

While our Discovery Learning model is child centred and interest-driven there are many intentional acts of teaching that go alongside play where the teacher works with small groups of children on Literacy and Numeracy.

Brain Development Research by Nathan Wallis and the Brainwave Trust

As our students move through school the focus shifts to applying their knowledge through project-based learning.  Again there will continue to be explicit teaching of both Literacy and Numeracy.

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